Brand Consulting

Discover and develop your brand.

It’s about getting to know you, your goals and the message you want to send. We work together to reach your customers where they live and share your brand’s personality.

  • Social media
  • Brand management
  • Web content
  • Blogging/ghost writing

Contact me to find out more.



2 thoughts on “Brand Consulting

  1. New Living by Design

    Bravo! I have worked with Amy over the years, both in-person and collaborating on projects, and I highly recommend her services. She brings an enthusiasm to her expertise and is always up to date on the latest trends but also keeps her eye on what is classic and versatile.

  2. Sherry Stephenson

    Amy is absolutely fabulous! She is ahead of the curve on all the latest trends and knows how to help you integrate them into your existing wardrobe. She also has an eye for taking pieces you may already have and giving you new, fresh ideas about how to wear them. Amy is great about showing you how to put outfits together and accessorize and look like you know what you are doing fashion-wise. I came to her totally clueless about fashion, and she has taught me so much! I used to never get compliments about my clothes or how I dress, and now I get them almost daily. She has truly simplified syle for me and I love it!


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