Life on my own tightrope…

This little exercise has been lying dormant now for too long. It all started two feet from where I am standing over a glass of prosecco with the refrain “Open a New Window…” running through my head. Six years ago it began as a fashion blog. Hard to believe it. Two kids almost teens now, miles on my skateboard and unceasing opportunities to do some pretty great stuff and meet some amazing, supportive and fun people.

I took what I learned here and working as a wardrobe stylist and started using it to style brands. First with Haul Couture.—I am still so proud of the Do More Beautifully campaign and my work with the Huntsville Ballet Company where I serve as the marketing director and get to support very talented artists. I also freelance tech writing, web-content and design, marketing, and branding projects. I have worked with an array of clients–Everything from event venues to advertising firms specializing in analytics. Peeking behind the curtain into the inner workings of different businesses is a whole heck of a lot of fun and the best part of the job.

My latest project is for New Living by Design a D.C. area Stylist. We worked on a total brand redesign and came up with a logo that she is really happy with.

NLBD NEW DESIGN Logo Color.png

We also redid the website and set up Instagram and online forms. Such a fun time and such a great company.


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