Getting dressed up for what?

Etsy necklace“You want me to wear that–to the store?

“And you can just throw it on when you go to the store. Yes–To the store.”

“Why would I wear that to the store?”

“Why wouldn’t you wear that to the store?”

“Because it’s the store.”

“Right. But you’re going to wear it to the store.”

It’s easy to fall into a rut.

February is the perfect time to muse over that tidbit. It’s cold. You really just want to wear thick socks and sweats. I get it. I just want to wear thick socks, sweats and a sleeping bag with just my eyes showing and snow boots…IN my house. I have a thing about heaters…long story.

clogs rachel comeyBack to the unexplained conversation above, this is me and almost every style client I have ever had. I am a big proponent of dressing up wherever you go, not in a formal or heels–unless heels are your jam. I believe you should look great wherever you go. For the same reason I shower and wear makeup–even in my house. I shower for me and the people around me and the make up, well, at 43…it helps. I think a little bit of vanity is good because when you feel good, you are warmer to everyone around you. Unless you are some kind of competitive jerk, but then you have bigger problems and even then, you are probably nicer out of  some kind of superiority complex, but I digress.

The thing is, the average, generally happy person feels better when they look better. As for being average, every one has something special about them and the way you dress sends a message that you know you’re special. So, whether it’s for your weekly trip to Publix, or to drop your kid off at a music class, or to sit in an uninspiring cubicle (or corner office) somewhere, or even in the back office in your house, adding something special to your look is important. And did I mention easy? 

Scarf with BlazerSure this is Huntsville, but it ain’t rocket science.

A scarf or a necklace or statement earrings change everything. A jacket pulls a look together. Even a T-shirt looks better under a blazer. If you like hats, wear a hat. I personally love hats and winter gives you a great excuse to wear one. Whatever it is you (or we) discover about your style–go with it. It isn’t just for special occasions. It’s for every day, because you deserve to look and feel amazing every day.

And the thing is…those shoes can be slipped on and that scarf and jacket or earrings or statement necklace can be thrown on when you head out the door. I am not advocating vacuuming in heels or typing in giant statement rings, but there’s a time for everything and even a trip to the store is an excuse to look amazing.


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