Belted Coats: An easy winter update

Some things just don’t change. It’s winter. It’s gray. It’s cold. We go to all the trouble to look put together, and it’s disheartening to have to throw a coat over it. Particularly when the coat doesn’t really inspire you. It starts to feel a bit like Groundhog Day without the plummet into actual despair, suicide attempts or the kidnapping of cute little burrowing mammals.

This style rut is easily solved: Cinch it with a belt:  NOT the belt that came with it and NOT so tightly you can’t breathe. Try something that contrasts.  Wear the belt at your natural waist, just tight enough to bring all those layers under control, and voila! it’s a LOOK.


main.original.585x0the-belted-coatDSC95671+the+fashion+atelierCozy-Cozy-17-433x650This last look is my absolute favorite because of the addition of the scarf–Just the right touch.


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